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Buple guides you through the process of customs declarations for importing or exporting goods from the UK into the EU. Manage your custom declarations and send straight to HMRC.

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Ensure you're correctly declaring goods to customs after the UK leaves the EU

Customs declarations are complex, time-consuming and it's difficult to know where to start. Buple minimises the burden of customs compliance by leading you through the process.

Help with customs declarations

Correctly declare your goods

We assist with the basics of filing out your declaration (Single Administrative Document (SAD) (C88)). As well as guiding you through more complex fields like commodity classification and CPC codes.

commodity code section
commodity code section

Submit declarations digitally

Send declarations to HMRC

Buple lets you send declarations digitally straight to HMRC (Both the new CDS e-customs system and the older CHIEF).

Monitor for customs entry

Manage the entire process

Manage your HMRC customs declarations process in one place. Correctly declare your goods, send to HMRC and monitor for customs entry. You'll even receive notifications of any problems.

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